Eurovision: Things Gettin' Worse?

What is wrong with Eurovision song contest?

I’ve been watching the Eurovision show since 2008 despite that fact that I do not like pop music at all. All these light shows with great visual performance really make me happy at least once a year. I have to recognize the high quality of technical support and it’s really wondering how they making lights become so delightful. 

However, there is another part of the show − a musical part. Once upon a time, there was ABBA on stage but now things have changed. There are no real talents, maybe except some singers with a lot of experience. 

So, let’s go back in 2008. I remember at least 14 good songs. I could listen to them, really. First of all, I have to notice great signer Laka. His «Pokušaj» has really impressed me. This unusual song in Bosnian combines great dancing rhythm with fantastic melodic parts. 

Azerbaijan really surprised me with Elnur and Samir’s «Day after day». Their vocal gift is absolutely clear and strong. It is one of the most memorizable songs of the show.

I did not forget Latvian pirates with their song. I still remember Belgium's «O, Julissi» and it is really pity that I did not see the singer on the final show. 

I enjoyed Israel’s singer and Estonia’s band too. Morena from Malta was perfectly good with song about vodka. Guys from France and U.K. gave me a moment for a smile. As for winners, so what can I say, it is not that kind of music which I prefer. Did Kalomira and D. Bilan touch my heart? Certainly they didn’t. 

Next year there was show in Moscow. One of the presenters, Malakhov, was a real jerk. He touched Vodyanova all the time (I suppose there is no other chance to do that for him). 

Then we got eight or seven songs that are possible to listen. It is half than before. I liked Yohanna for her beauty (and the song, of course), a duet from Slovenia for a great vocal performance; besides that a girl from England, Jade Ewen, really knows how to sing a songs along with Chiara from Malta with incredible «What if we». 

That’s all. They were a bit low on this. OK, I have to say that A. Rybak was good, is it enough?

I have an opinion that sometimes people voted for a country not for a song and especially for a female singer and her beauty not for her voice. Those results they have all three years long.

What is about 2010? It is unbelievable but I can listen to six songs only. I have to notice a monstrous accent of several performers. There is a one simple thing — if you cannot sing it in English perfectly, try to sing it in your mother language, that’s all. 

Thus, this year Paula Seling strikes me down with her adorable beauty (and voice, of course). However, her song («Playing with fire») has several shortcomings such as boring rhyme «fire — desire». As for the rest, everything was just incredible. 

Our greek friends charged us with powerful «Opa» while a song boy from Belgium Tom Dice tried to feed us with his teen-ballad. I was also wondering by Slovenian band (they performed «Narodnozabavni rock»). As for guys from Moldova, their neon fiddle still knocks me out. There was two underrated songs. The first is by Peter Nalitch and friends, and the second by 3+2 band from Belarus.

A main surprise of the show was Lena Meyer-Landrut an unexpected winner from Germany. It is beyond belief how the worthless song performed in English with rough german accent became a winner. Is it politics? Did it happen due to hard economical situation of Europe? I don’t know.

How many great songs will be next year? Try to guess.

31th of May 2010

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